FMIPA UNEJ cooperates with Kelompok Tani Sido Makmur Jember for Implementation of BKP MBKM

As a means of implementing Bentuk Kegiatan Pembelajaran (BKP) MBKM for students, FMIPA University of Jember entered into a Cooperation Agreement with Kelompok Tani Sido Makmur Jember in the Meeting Room of the FMIPA Dean (20/7). “Students who are implementing BKP MBKM need for assistance and assistance if there are problems in the field, especially the fertilization process, we can discuss together on campus” the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ, Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D.

The Dean further stated that the use of fish fertilizer that is being applied by students at Kelompok Tani Sido Makmur Jember will produce a faster harvest. “And if the fish fertilizer is given when the rice begins to flower, it will produce more weight than usual,” he continued. The effort continues to pay attention that living things, in this case rice, have natural development as well. Kelompok Tani Sido Makmur Jember through Abdul Faseh as the chairman welcomed this activity and for some time immediately applied the use of fish fertilizer by inviting students to implement it.

“We are very happy with this fertilizer trial, this is a good and profitable alternative for us going forward,” said Abdul. On that occasion, Abduh asked for a schedule and sequence during the fertilization process. And the Dean of FMIPA agreed to make a fertilization schedule through students who were implementing the MBKM BKP. Present at the event were Vice Deans I, II and III of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember.

For information, Kelompok Tani Sido Makmur Jember located in the vicinity of Wirolegi Jember is a farmer group that has been legalized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in 2016. Previously, this farmer group had also become a place for student internships from several universities. This agreement is the third in 2022, after last June a collaboration with the Kahyangan Jember Plantation. Also in 2020 and 2021 FMIPA UNEJ has collaborated with several state universities, government agencies, banking institutions and the private sector.

This is done as a means of providing student choices in the implementation of the MBKM program learning activities. The students involved were also enthusiastic, especially for BKP in Kelompok Tani Sido Makmur Jember, hoping that this could be material for compiling their final project..

With this collaboration, the Dean of FMIPA hopes that Kelompok Tani Sido Makmur Jember will continue to communicate, especially if you want to expand the use of fish fertilizer for agriculture and if you need our help in its implementation. “In the collaboration text, it has been stated that Dr. Edy Supriyanto who is also Vice Dean III of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences for student affairs as a liaison, this will make it easier to communicate between us and the farmer groups led by you,” concluded the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ. The Cooperation Agreement lasts for 1 year from the signing of the cooperation document.