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sbmptbr_02SBMPTBR University of Jember (Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi se-Besuki Raya) athe entry mechanism of universities in ex-Karesidenan Besuki through a written exam including Independent Selection at University of Jember which was held simultaneously in 6 Kota/Kabupaten (Besuki Raya) : Jember, Bondowoso, Situbondo, Banyuwangi, Probolinggo and Lumajang. Online registration from 18 May – June 12, 2015 and written examination will be held on June 16, 2015. The announcement of the SBMPTBR on July 13, 2015. Announcement SBMPTBR Universitay of Jember

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hari_bumiApril, 22 2015 Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember held a commemoration ceremony on the front lawn of Earth Day at FMIPA dean’s office. Previous to commemorate Earth Day, held daily activities without the smoke. All motor vehicles that will enter FMIPA are expected to turn off the engine. Not only students, all Faculty academic community participated in this event until 16:00 suitable working hours.

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The 3rd Yudisium 2014/2015

yudisium_III_21-600x400On 17 April 2015 in the “Ruang Serbaguna”  Department of Biology Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember held the 3rd yudisium Academic Year 2014/2015. The participants were not only 61 graduating students Bachelors and Masters which will in the finals the next day in the “Gedung Soetardjo”, but the alumni who have worked in several agencies both private and country.

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ON-MIPA Team University of Jember

on-mipa2015Rector of the University of Jember Drs. Mohammad Hasan, M.Sc., Ph.D release Tim ON-MIPA, University of Jember for the selection stage of MIPA Olympiad at the regional level, with the hope to penetrate the national level and achievement. ON MIPA, University of Jember team consisting of 28 students from FMIPA and FKIP Jember, 9 lecturers include Nurul Priyantari, S.Si., M.Si (Vice Dean III FMIPA), Drs. Rudju Winarsa, M.Kes. (Lecturer in Department of Biology), Ziaul Arif, S.Si., M.Sc. (Lecturer in Department of Mathematics) and several lecturers FKIP also 2 Jember University Student Affairs staff went to ITN Malang April 7, 2015.

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Mathematics National Seminar 2014

snm11-400x280 Mathematics National Seminar 2014 held on November 19, 2014. There are three speakers who will deliver major papers at the plenary session on the 3rd floor of the Rectorat Building University of Jember, as Keynote Speaker Dr. Ir. Tjuk Eko Hari Basuki, MST (Kepala Pusat Ketersediaan dan Kerawanan Pangan, Badan Ketahanan Pangan, Kementerian Pertanian RI) which will convey the theme of the seminarPeran Matematika/Statistika dalam Mengembangkan Pertanian Industrial untuk Mendukung Kedaulatan Pangan Nasional“. Dr. Bagus Sartono, M.Si (Secretary of Department of Statistics Institut Pertanian Bogor) as Invited Speaker convey the theme “Aplikasi Mixed Integer Linier Programming” and last Prof. Drs. Kusno, DEA, Ph.D (The Dean of FMIPA University of Jember) as Plenary Speaker delivering research developments in the field of Geometri Rancang Bangun.

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Yudisium FMIPA University of Jember

yudisium2-300x225Yudisium is an academic process that involves the application of grades and graduation of students from across the academic process. Yudisium also means the announcement of value to students as a final review of all the courses you have taken and the determination of the value of students in the academic transcript. In 2014 FMIPA carry out Yudisium XL for Bachelor Program and IX to the Master Program

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