FMIPA UNEJ launched Pedoman Pelaksanaan Program MBKM BKP Studi/Proyek Independen

After consignment some time ago, FMIPA University of Jember launched Pedoman Pelaksanaan Program MBKM BKP Studi/Proyek Independen (10/12). This guide was prepared by a team appointed by Dean of FMIPA UNEJ who came from representatives of the study program. “With this guide, it is hoped that students and their supervisors can carry out these BKP activities well, effectively, efficiently, and of quality in accordance with the national MBKM BKP activity standards,” said Deputy Dean I FMIPA UNEJ Drs. Siswoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Furthermore, guidelines were given explaining the stages of implementing BKP for Independent Studies/Projects, from preparation to evaluation of activities, for FMIPA students at University of Jember, especially for activities involving FMIPA partners who already have a cooperation agreement document (PKS). To note, FMIPA UNEJ has 2 partners for the implementation of BKP Study/Independent Projects, Kebun Sentool Jember and Desa Sumberwaru Situbondo. “In the next few days FMIPA will hold a discussion on integration of Tugas Akhir with MBKM BKP which brings all elements of Bachelor Study Program, Kombi S1 and FMIPA Independent Study/Project team,” he continued. This guide is a “dynamic guideline” that can always be updated, improved, and refined in accordance with the development of national MBKM program.

As reported some time ago, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Jember held a Consignment activity for Preparation of BKP Guidelines for Independent Studies/Projects. On this occasion, apart from the FMIPA Independent Study/Project team, representatives from partners, Perkebunan Sentool Panti Jember, provided explanations on certain matters that would later help BKP Study/Independent Project activities for FMIPA UNEJ students. The collaboration was achieved after several inter-institutional working visits. Likewise with Desa Sumberwaru Situbondo which also requested the implementation of an Independent Study/Project of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember.