After Chemistry Study Program, LAMSAMA Assessor Team Field Assessment in Physics Study Program FMIPA

After last Monday Chemistry Study Program carried out LAMSAMA field assessment, today the Assessor Team came to Physics Study Program FMIPA (17/11). The Chancellor of University of Jember, Iwan Taruna, again opened the field assessment program. “Yesterday Chemistry Study Program, now the Physics Study Program is being assessed, as the Chancellor of UNEJ was present to provide support for the study programs at UNEJ which are being accredited,” said Iwan Taruna. Furthermore, Iwan said that UNEJ encourages the accreditation of each study program because it will improve the quality of study programs through evaluation and assessment.

The Chancellor also said that UNEJ has 15 faculties, 1 graduate with 108 study programs and a vocational program is needed to support non-academic learning. “In the future UNEJ will open a vocational program in Jubung to produce skilled graduates and experts in their fields,” said Iwan Taruna. At the end of his remarks, the Chancellor hoped that the Physics study program would get the desired accreditation. “Congratulations on exploring to the assessors and Physics team, hoping to get the best results,” he concluded.

The Dean of FMIPA, Achmad Sjaifullah in his speech said that FMIPA alumni have been widely used by stakeholders. The dean also mentioned PLP staff and laboratory technicians at FMIPA. “From the beginning until now, PLP and FMIPA technicians have the same composition, and we will improve their quality with some training,” he explained. Achmad Sjaifullah said that this helps students practice in the laboratory to produce skilled graduates.

Vice Chancellor I UNEJ, Slamin at the opening of assessment presented profile of University of Jember. Slamin shared the vision and mission, study programs at UNEJ, human resources, UNEJ’s achievements to the development direction of UNEJ 2004-2028. “UNEJ has been transformed from routine activities, capacity building, relevance and quality, followed by equality to a superior position by managing independently and having an international reputation,” explained Slamin.

The assessor team consisting of Prof. Dr. Heru Kuswanto, M.Si from YUniversitas Negeri Yogyakarta and Dr. Ir. Adi Rahwanto, M.Eng.Sc. from Universitas Syah Kuala Aceh will conduct an assessment for two days. “Thank you for welcoming us well, together we will carry out an assessment, please don’t be tense and hopefully it will go smoothly,” said Heru.

Field assessment documentation of Physics Study Program, FMIPA UNEJ